Friday, October 31, 2008

For You

For you...

A self Portrait
Olympus C170/D425

My period had come for Prayer --
No other Art -- would do --
My Tactics missed a rudiment --
Creator -- Was it you?

Emily Dickinson


Himalayan beauties

Himalayan Beauties

Sar Pass Trek
Himachal Pradesh, India
Olympus C170/D425

Youth hostel association of India(YHAI) organizes these national level treks all years round in all 4 corners of India. I took up the Sar Pass trek in may 08. This picture was taken at our 2nd camp. They are himachali potters who accompanied us through out the trek.


Om . . .

om ceilin

Patti Kalyanam ashram
before Panipath, Haryana
Olympus C170/D425

Patti Kalyanam is a natural therapy ashram on GT road just before Panipath. Yea now what was I doing there rite? sent me to lose a little of my chubby cuteness...hehe, Thispicture is of the Yoga hall ceiling.


Broken tracks of music...

Broken tracks of Music

My room
Canon powershot s3IS

The guitar's most special quality is its ability to shape the dying away of a sound into silence - John Williams

This was taken in my room with the balcony door partially opened to have the natural light seep through just enough.


W a r r i o r

Renuka lake,
Himachal pradeash, India.
Nikon D70

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Renuka lake is a small, tranquil and not so known place around 320kms from Delhi. A little ahead of Nahan, this place is a holy place for Hindus. The lake here is said to look like a woman's figure seen from the top of the hill it surrounds. Fishing is prohibited here as a result the fish are really old and huge in size. They seem to have little fear from humans and you can see them upclose while feeding them.

Apart from the temples and the lake, there is a wildlife enclosure which is what pulls me back to this place time and again. The Lion Pride there. Around 4 to 5 lions and 10 to 12 lionesses. They have a big enclosure where they roam around freely. But usually they can be seen basking in the sun next to the fencing. This picture is from one of those moments. They were hardly a meter away, all lazy and sleepy. It was the most memorable time I have ever had at renuka.

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