Monday, March 15, 2010

Her hallowed mystery

IMG_7946 copy

Canon Powershot S3IS
Suraj kund crafts mela 2010

A SOLEMN thing it was, I said,
  A woman white to be,
And wear, if God should count me fit,
  Her hallowed mystery.
A timid thing to drop a life
  Into the purple well,
Too plummetless that it come back
  Eternity until.


A folk Dancer waiting for her performance. See it in black and white here


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bottoms Up :D

Bottoms Up :D

Canon powershot S3IS
 Delhi Zoo

Their idea of bottoms up in their parties.....

I think either she was tending to and itchy back or taking a mud bath.

I miss rolling on the ground so much. Remember that fight that time? we pulled the other ones hair and rolled in the dusty ground fighting ferociously the time it got over....muddy hands skinned knees....dust blown hair....and the oh so familiar muddy taste in the mouth. I miss those fights so much :P

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