Monday, March 15, 2010

Her hallowed mystery

IMG_7946 copy

Canon Powershot S3IS
Suraj kund crafts mela 2010

A SOLEMN thing it was, I said,
  A woman white to be,
And wear, if God should count me fit,
  Her hallowed mystery.
A timid thing to drop a life
  Into the purple well,
Too plummetless that it come back
  Eternity until.


A folk Dancer waiting for her performance. See it in black and white here



divsi said...

beautiful!:) u captured her "wait" so well..

Vikas Chandra said...

i like the colors here..

the poem fits in so magically!

anamikasureka said...

I wish I could understand photography so well...

I suck in it:(

Sovina said...

beautiful the the poem too...:) Amazing

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