Wednesday, January 14, 2009

See through me...

S e e . t h r u . m e . a g a i n

By default I happen to be a very see-through person. Never cared to hide or lie about anything with anyone. Not that i'm some righteous Harishchandra wannabe. Just that I never cared enough for anything or anyone to be lying or hiding. Never cared for what people may think, never feared being judged either.

I ended up in tasting the bitter side of life due to this manytimes. Being honest always din't really pay well most of the time. Somehow we still have the backstabbers infestation. My friend use to really despise this trait of mine but inspite of me tryin, i could never change it.

I still dont want to. I want to remain see-through.



divsi said...

thats d way to be...:)

Upkaran Gupta said...
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Upkaran Gupta said...

Girl… Your innocence is your distinction from the rabble……

The Vice Buddha said...

Girl... we have gone over this :|

You are not gonna fuckin change yourself for someone else who doesnt deserbve this change, got it?

I love your honesty.. its a part of you.. and i like it!

Too bad i am a bisexual :( ... haina? :P

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