Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sound sleep needs no Master bedrooms

Sound sleep needs no Master bedrooms

Canon Powershot S3IS
Nehru Park

I guess a sound peaceful sleepis something so rare now in THIS age. Almost everyone is so stressed. Mostly the culprit is work. Corporations today suck the life out of the emploers and i don't know....i visualize them as those big factories where humans walk in and come out as robots. I see people spending 14 16 hours normally at thier work places. Home is more like a station.

You know today a recent 12th pass kid said that he pity's my life. After I told him that I spend most of my time traveling. He pity's my life because I don't have a career, hence i don't have a life. And I told him. One cannot have wings and work at the same time. Its a choice. And almost always people choose work. I chose my wings. I pay some very heavy prices for my set. Being broke is one. Then having to be perceived as a loser by the working class, which includes friends and family.

But all of this still does not change my mind about my vagabond life. You see the truth is....these early 20s of life are the only years when you're old enough to be on your own and young enough to do what you want to do. This is the time when the body can take all the bumpy rides and one is free enough to see the world. People give up this time in working and accumulating experiences for their resumes. And before you know you've hit 40 and have kids hitting their teens. And its too late to have your own life.

Have you ever noticed? the sentence "i have a life" is always followed with "i have a job" ??? I don't believe having a job means having a life. It is a very rare combination which only lucky few have been blessed with. Mostly people who work hate their jobs and their bosses. So how is that having a life? People confuse having a "life" with earning a living. Life is that little time which you have apart from your work and home. Most of the people now I come across don't even have a passion in life. Hardly any hobbies for that matter. So what are you doing for yourself? Apart from hitting the happening places in the city every weekend?

It is so FUNNY now when I hear the answers when people are asked about their hobbies. The most widely used words are - Listening to music, making new friends, WATCHING TV, surfing the net (is a new one nowdays)...............................................................??????????? Since when are these daily routine small scraps of entertainment become hobbies?

Well just some food for thought. Think about it.



Taran said...

Exacomando.... agree with you 110% truer words were never spoken
~ be a vagabond while you can hehe



Shaunak said...

very weird that people wait to earn so they can enjoy their life later and then lose themselves in the very work that was meant to let them be free.

Good going!

mandark said...

i like ur "angle" on things... its diffrent. its always a treat to read such non-linear thoughts...

kip it up.


n ps: thnx for ur comment on my blog.

Sundaramoorthi said...

Your photo and comments on life, left me with a feeling of Dejevu. I have been there what you have described. Having graduated with first class Mechanical Engineering degree at time when getting a job was tough. I used to go around city hunting for job, and during the breaks, parks benches provided me the sanctuary from which I used to see how hurried the world was, and how hurry i was to be part of it. But those moments made me see life at its raw. I used to wonder is that what i wanted? Or is that what world wants me to be, so that i turn out to be responsbile person, productive citizen, honourable son, etc etc in their terms. Guess what there is life outside that fence we build ourself. You are on the right track my friend, and dont fret what people describe you. They always do what? No matter who you are? Life is beautiful no matter what. Job is just a job. You are doing just great and i know you will be.

Nav said...

Perhaps striking a balance between having wings to fly and roots to fall back upon(or rather to keep oneself steady) is a tough ask as we all realise...however its amazing to see that you have taken the road less travelled. Very few have the punk and fewer do that... Good luck and God speed...Fantastic pics, great eye for detail coupled with contemplative excerpts. Way to go madamoiselle!

Haddock said...

That was interesting ...........and an apt title.

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