Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gods Of Gutters

Gods Of Gutters

Canon Powershot S3IS
Chandni Chawk, Old Delhi

This is a typical street corner at Chandni Chawk. There were many such tiles of Hindu gods and goddesses there lined right above the open naalas and ditches. A place where people pee and spit.

Time and again you hear these religious people making such hue and cry over a remix of some Hindu Bhajan or a title like Avatar used in some Hollywood movie....

And here we are. Gods in charge of ditches and sewers.

lolz.....Its a twisted world innit?



Randeep said...

I totally agree with u. I hate those religious freaks, in all religions. Nice pic.


Vikas Chandra said...

only u cud create such a thing..
its godly.

divsi said...

m back to bloggin after long!!
great to visit this place after so long!

totally agree wid u sapna!

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