Monday, May 6, 2013

A path never taken

Ek sadi of those rare phases in life.......when we to choose self discovery over love.

Truth is, we can't truly know who we are until we discard all these definitions of our-self which are derived from relationships, people, society and the world. Sometimes walking a lonely path in bare feet is what we need. Sometimes love needs to wait a while until we find ourselves.

We spend most of our life chasing bricks that we use to build our life with. Love, family, friends, work, career, kids, marriage, neighbors, society, parties.....and so it goes on. Is it so scary to be undefined? To live without any relationship defining us?

 It is a struggle to define our own selves. Because we never truly want to know who we are in utter solitude. In today's era solitude has become so daunting for people. We occupy ourselves with work or friends or family or parties or simply get high. Or simply go find Love to fill the void.

Love used to fill a void in us never truly lasts. Its misplaced, misused. Love should never be used as a filler, love should be something that nurtures us, makes us stronger and patient.

So let love wait until you  fill all your voids yourself.


Anonymous said...

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Rtn_B said...

I agree almost completely with you about what you say in this post.

The "almost completely" is with good intent and purpose, because there's just one teeny bit towards end that we part ways upon.

I too believe that love shouldn't be a filler; the fact that we need to feel solitude in order to truly know ourselves and we are inherently so afraid of being alone that falling in love with the "next best thing" almost comes naturally to us.

Louis C K explained this with his impeccable comic sense in an interview with Conan O'Brien. I cant possibly do justice trying to explain what he said. I suggest you check it out.

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