Friday, December 5, 2008


T h r e e . M u s k e e t e e r s

Nikon D70

Street Child
by Regis (Reg) Auffray

Stolen childhood is more than a crime...

abandoned child
silently swept along
a current of callous human race
between shabby buildings
and filthy hotels
hovels of the needy
and the dispossessed oblivious
now soulless empty eyes unseeing
soiled windswept streets
unfeeling lost emotions
unheeding sirens
heralding another night
of violence and death
numb ravished soul
of stolen youth
too weary to care



humanobserver said...


Upkaran Gupta said...

It’s indeed a Cry for Help…

Hopefully the PM`s manifesto of Education for all should improve the situation…


I must have been in the 11th standard back then. The home maid we had at that time (may god rest her soul in peace!). She has a grand daughter, who couldnt go to school for the reason that her grandmom was too old to do the chores herself! I kinda ignored her presence the first few days she used to come to broom the floor of my room. And then, i saw it!

She was there, looking at me with numb eyes, watching me hold a book in my hand and smile at something which made sense to me, and which might never make a concious sense to her! I had never felt so naked till then.

The picture reminded me of her hollow smiles somehow.

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