Friday, December 12, 2008

Through feathered curtains

Through feathered curtains

Canon Powershot S3IS

Create your own magical realities
and when truth comes and knocks on your door
you can invite her into your enchanted world




I read you loud and clear!

But what got me thinking is why does truth have a feminine gender in your opinion?

Sapna Sapien said...

coz every beautiful thing in the world in feminine...

Upkaran Gupta said...

That’s not fair…… I do agree that feminine beauty gives inspiration to men to do beautiful deeds. Nevertheless we do have some beautiful traits as well. i.e.
1. Courage to stand against all odds
2. Strength to protect the week
3. Provider for the family
4. Moral strength to uphold ones beliefs
5. Adventurous towards new possibilities
6. Etc…

All I can say is that you r our bacon in our darkest hour & our reason for insanity…… HA Ha ha……

God bless Mankind…

Sapna Sapien said...

Yea yea yea....u guys cant even stand thru a woman giving birth ..... wat courage u talkin abt? i wud truly consider u men 2 b brave when u give birth :D

divsi said...

i loved this pik!!:) infact all the snaps that u ve put up here!:)

p.s: how did ya find my blog:)?

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