Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blue rose given to a woman

Blue rose given to a woman

Self Portrait
Olympus C170/D425

Blue rose given to a woman,
Considered sacred from a heart of silent souls,
Words spoken, silence was a bond created;
Her boldness spurred from a single blue rose...

- Hanger

Wish you all a very happy new year. Well....tell me what are your resolutions for 2010 :D.

Mine are -
1. Start chanting regularly. I joined Soka Gakai a year back but I still don't chant when I really should. May Buddha give me the strength to do it now.

2. Lose weight

3. Get a job.

4. Get my 1st DSLR

5. To try harder to make photography a means of living.

oh yes and

6. Take up singing a little more seriously now. I plan on recording few songs and uploading them here somewhere. I plan 2 become more than just a bathroom singer.

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