Monday, January 4, 2010

That kid at that door

Olympus D425/C170

This was not clicked by me. This one was clicked by my 13 yr old cousin sister PUJA :) on our way to Badrinath.



P.N. Subramanian said...

Beautiful shot. See the kids eyes!

Aditya Raj said...

lovely shot very creative... i somehow wonder though that why does it has your copyrights statement when u did not click it..

well anyways.. loved the shot in all aspects :)

Sapna Sapien said...

@ Aditya

It has my copyright coz even though its clicked by my 13 yr old sister i don't fancy anyone stealing her shot as well. So it has to be under copyright. for now i have mine only. simple

Aditya Raj said...

Sapna no matter if she is 13 or 30 she can still have her name on the shot and hold the copyrights, so that people wont "steal" it.. It seems like you got me wrong, all I wanted to convey was that she deserves to get credit even when this image would appear on places like google image where your post text or image description wont show up.. !!

Sapna Sapien said...

The only 2 places i have this image at is here and flickr. If it shows up on google it wud show up from these 2 sources. And I have mentioned who it was clicked by. I have my copyright because I processed it. So its also half of my work.

Aditya Raj said...

never mind, anyways if your conscious believes so then who am i to have a problem with it, after all i m not the one who clicked this picture..

but do keep in mind that if you take a photo clicked by me and put your copyrights statement after post processing it, i would sue you !!

Sapna Sapien said...

Yea Well....It's not your picture so get off my back now.

Aditya Raj said...

i think my last comment made tht clear tht i was least interested in getting on ur back.. just wanted to make my point "loud and clear"

anyways.. u have a great blog.. would love to see more posts from you in future :)

Sapna Sapien said...

Yea... It'a annoying 2 have someone again n again hammer u on the "conscious" thing...if I wanted I wudnt let ppl know it was clicked by my cousin at all. I did half the work too here but It's still her picture and I gave due credits. But as a kid im her gaurdian and so for now this comes under my copyright. What was there to argue abt in this so much. if you share your opinion once its nice but if you start arguying then thats real annoying. So please try to learn when to stop else they call this being nosy in other people's business.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Aditya Raj said...

Well I have good morals and manners which make me feel compelled to reply during a conversation.. else that is disrespectful... i dont know when this turned into an argument.. i m sorry if sometime what i said, offended you in any way..

Anonymous said...


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