Saturday, November 1, 2008

Goodbye Milkyway

Goodbye Milkyway

An Abstractic self portraitPhotoshop CS3
Olympus C170/D425

Goodbye Milkyway

I say goodbye to the milkyway
Its goodbye my milkyway

Earths atmosphere washing the last of my memories and emotions
My soul's cleansing, the last one in motion

Leaving all the wishes, dreams behind me
I enter the space where no mortal could bind me

And its goodbye to the milkyway
So long my friend, the milkyway

I'm floating i'm flying, and why wont i?
I just rid myself of the earthly burdens in the last of my sky

I float through the endless space of freedom
Floating towards that big bright light, my god's kingdom

And i say goodbye milkyway
Goodbye to your starry display

No failure no sucess, no pincode no address
I break free from life's decaying abortiveness

Its so light its so free, its such a high
Stars, constellations, galaxies passing by

And i bid goodbye to the milkyway
farewell my milkyway

I gain momentum, earth's faded away in the lightyears
Adrift in endless eternity, i hear the music of the spheres

Im dissolving in the nothingness of the bright light
Now one with the light,
I burn bright i burn bright....

- Wrote this at 4am in the morning few weeks ago...was high on enigma

This was a useless self i played around on PS and ended up with this.


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