Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Loving in blue

almost one

On way to Lancedawn
Olympus C170/D425

Everyone has a color in mind associated to some particular words or emotions. Usually red goes for rage and green for jealousy, and so on. Everyone has a color for Love too...somehow my color for love is Blue. . .

Blue...is the color of a clear sky on a beautiful day. Color of its endless vastness. Its such an amazing thing how a loving heart surpasses the boundlessness of the sky. Blue is the color of the great depths of the oceans...but love goes deeper than that...love is a deeper shade of blue. Blue is the color which brings calm and peace...it soothes and relaxes.... it does to ones mind what love does to ones heart. Blue is also the color of the core of my fave flower...Blue was also a color dad use to wear a lot...

But then again....Wounds also come in a shade of blue...deep wounds. When love wounds you it is devastating...leaves a mark on the skin of your heart...the scar fades away with time but it never heals completely. Blue is the color of cold, blue is the color of ice...of frost...of numbness...of loneliness...of absence...of longing.............Blue are also the tears we shed...

Blue is the color of two extreme spheres....and in this picture they become one.

So for me "blue" completes my definition of Love.

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